07/15/2002 t.A.T.u in Poland. They are having the first places in local Music Charts.

The popularity of girls has finally reached Poland too. They have gotten first places in local Music Charts, plus an invitation from the Glossy Magazines, and everything is as usual. For the group TATU, it was very pleasant news, and therefore Lena and Yulia have decided to make a "friendly visit" to Poland on July 10th. That means that in three days they will have conversations with 15 magazines and newspapers, will give interviews for 10 radio stations, will appear "ON AIR" of the same number of TV channels, will also not avoid all main internet portals, and will take part in two photo-sessions. After all this takes place, the Polish teenagers will start to learn the Russian language and use it to make confessions of love to girls. Exactly in such a manner the wave of interest in the Russian language and music have begun in Czech about half a year ago.