07/19/2002 The Official Russian t.A.T.u Web Site are attacked by Hackers!

Hackers, which are the anti-fans of pop-duet TATU, had attacked the Official Russian TATU web site, www.tatu.ru. They have replaced the main web site page with a Porno picture of two lesbians. The Web administrators of tatu.ru had tried several times to restore the corrupted file, but hackers using a backdoor, continue to assualt the WEB Server. The American fans were confused: "That's just sick. Why would someone do something like this to our band?" Others wonder "Who on earth did that." Different attitudes were present on the Russian TATU Fan Boards. Some of the Russian fans think that this event has direct connection to the Celebration of the 1 Year Anniversary of the biggest Russian Unofficial Tatu Web Site, www.tatysite.net. This web site was closed earlier this year by direct order of TATU producer, Ivan Shapovalov, only because the www.tatysite.net was more popular than the Official Site. But the officials of www.tatysite.net deny any relation between the two events, but on the other hand they did not show any regrets to what happened to the Official Site.