8/2/2002 - American release date of All The Things She Said is only few days away!

After a year of real hard work Universal Music Russia and Interscope Records are finally ready to announce the release plan for t.A.T.u. debut English single All The Things She Said, to be followed by the album 200 km/hour In A Wrong Lane. The single will start playing on radios in America on August 16th. International commercial date is September 16th. The single will be released in DVD format, also including the scandalous video by Ivan Shapovalov.

The album will hit the streets all over the world on October 7th, US release date is September 16th. Russia will be releasing the single at the same time with the US, selling only "expensive" international version of it. Universal Russia will not manufacture this single locally.

Where did this come from? Read it for yourself at Universal Music Russia!