7/31/2002 Get a t.A.T.u tattoo at new salon?

Pop singer Dina and t.A.T.u's Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova are set to open a tattoo salon near the Rechnoi Vokzal metro station. The idea occurred to them when the three girls met in the Millennium recording studio as t.A.T.u was recording its new album and Dina her debut. "Our creative union does not imply that I'm a lesbian," Dina said. "And for them [t.A.T.u], that's mostly a PR gimmick."

Dina mastered the art of tattooing before she made her appearance on Moscow's pop stage, when she was living in her hometown of Nizhny Novgorod. The profession was her bread and butter back then.

As for t.A.T.u, they liked the idea just because the name of their band means "tattoo". As a start, the new salon will serve only t.A.T.u fans and, later, if it proves to be a success, it will be open for everybody. "It's no trouble for me at all to tattoo a profile of Lena or Yulia on somebody's skin," Dina said. "If it works out, such tattoos will become our salon's specialty."

Where did this come from? Lifestyle - Entertainment Guide in Moscow.