12/24/2002 - The TRUTH about the warped sound in Prostie Dvizenija!

Ever wonder about that warped sound in t.A.T.u.'s latest single, Prostie Dvizenija? Some people believe it to be quite odd. Is it subliminal messages, hypnotic sounds, or are they saying something in Russian? The latest belief is that t.A.T.u. are repeating "Where are you?" in Russian. But that's not it! While analyzing t.A.T.u.'s music, American t.A.T.u. found the coolest thing! You think Missy Elliot was the first to place reversed phrases in her single "Work It"? Well, now there is proof that t.A.T.u. was a step up on one of the most original American artist! The warped sound in t.A.T.u.'s single is actually just the girls repeating "Prostie Dvizenija" over and over backwards! Cool huh? If you have a music editing program on your PC, you can flip the song and hear it yourself.