12/23/2002 - 200 KM/H in the Wrong Lane Review on MTV.com!

On the one hand, one must deal with the unescapable facts; there can be little doubt about the marketing intent of album by a teenage female duo pictured as frolicking schoolgirls locking all available limbs around each other in their underwear. Still, that doesn't mean that said duo's debut album 200 KM/H IN THE WRONG LANE is lacking in pop hooks or spot-on production. With ace producers like the estimable Trevor Horn on hand, one would scarcely expect otherwise. With most of the album split between straight-ahead dance-pop and a kind of post-Alanis aggro rock tempered by the pair's wispy, Bjork-like voices. It's something of a surprise to be confronted mid-album with a quite faithful cover of the Smiths' beloved paean to misery "How Soon is Now," and no less of a surprise to find how seamlessly it's brought across. Adding an exotic, one-big-world touch to the whole affair, the ladies in question (Lena Katina and Juia Volkova) hail from Russia, where their teen lipstick-lesbian schtick first brought them fame.